Hudson Furniture

If at least one piece of furniture in my dream home isnโ€™t from Hudson Furniture then I would be kidding myself to be honest. The owner and designer, Barlas Baylar, designs pieces that are chic, unique and almost magical which is why he is one of my favourite designers.

Meta Credenza Consoles

Barlas Baylar does not think about functionality when creating his pieces which in a weird way is inspiring. I particularly like his lighting pieces, especially his chain-link lighting fixture.

The reason I like art as a subject in school and not love it, is the fact that we are given boundaries to design within. Barlas chose not to attend design school because of these boundaries, instead he majored in finance when he was in college and got and M.B.A in marketing. I have wanted to study business Marketing for a while now but have always thought that this would not really help me as an interior designer, however Barlas Baylar is proof that anything you study can help you in the field you eventually choose to work in.

Going to interior design school after my undergrad is something I am still considering. Attending courses here and there over the holidays might be more beneficial for me.

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