‘Dry Skin’ Designer Ankle Nail Designs Now Available on Alibaba’s Baidu, Alibaba, and other Sites—But Only for Chinese Customers

Bloomberg | February 24, 2018The name “dry skin” might not have been the best choice for a logo for a shoe brand, but now that a Chinese shoe maker has started selling a product with the term “dry” on it, it may be a better one for Chinese consumers.

According to a report by Business Insider, Chinese shoe manufacturer AnkleNail Design has made available a number of shoe designs with the dry skin on them, but only for Chinese customers.

The shoes feature the word “Dry” on the tongue of the shoe, and the word is only used in the description section of the product description.

This is a design that is used on shoes for the sole sole of the foot.

But because Anklenail is a Chinese company, there is a limit to the number of pairs of shoes it can sell, which is limited to one million pairs.

As of Wednesday, Ankle-Nail’s website listed only 1,400 pairs of footwear.

Ankle has previously launched the AnkleSole, a shoe with the phrase “dry sole” on its tongue, but these two new products have only been available in China for a few days.

Ankly is also the only Chinese company that has been able to sell its shoes in Europe and Australia.

But in the US, Chinese shoes can only be sold on Alibaba, one of the largest Chinese retailers.

It is unclear if the company will expand its US sales as Ankle becomes more popular.

Alibaba is a large global company that owns and operates some of the biggest Chinese internet shopping platforms, including Baidui.

The company has also recently added a number in China that include brands like Taobao, Tencent, and Xiaomi.

It has also launched a number partnerships with Chinese retailers like Zunzi and Dixi, including the purchase of a few pairs of Ankle shoes.

Ankles footwear, which was designed by Chinese designer Guo Yu and sold on Baidulink, has been widely praised for its low price and sleek design.

According the report, Ankles shoes are currently available on Alibaba for around US$60, although this could change depending on the brand, its market penetration, and whether the company can offer similar shoes at a lower price point.

Anklens shoes have been sold in China before, but they are limited to a limited number of Chinese cities and countries.

The brand currently has over 100,000 pairs of sneakers in China.

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