How to design a logo that makes a statement about your brand

The ultimate logo can stand on its own, but if you need to add more visual weight to your portfolio, a designer can do it for you.

And if you don’t have the time to design your own, these simple tricks can help.


The first logo is everything.

What does a logo look like?

Designing your own is a great way to start, but the first logo should be everything.

If you don.t have a concept, use the logo of a company that makes products or a product line.

For example, if you are working on a product that you think will appeal to a niche market, try to find a company with a similar logo.

If that’s not an option, then you can choose one of the many logos available.


Use your brand’s name.

If your logo is a design from a previous logo, it should be recognizable as such.

That’s because if you were to use a brand’s logo, you could make it look like your company is based in a certain place or that your logo has the same meaning as your logo.


Use the word “logo.”

This word is especially important if you’re working with a logo for the first time.

For most logos, you’ll see it used to mark the end of the logo.

However, for the brand name, it can help convey the importance of your logo to your customers.


Use a logo font.

If the logo font you chose doesn’t have a font that matches the size of your head, it may look a bit too large.

If this is the case, it might be a good idea to go with a larger font to make your logo stand out.


Use an anchor letter.

If a logo is too long or hard to read, you can always use an anchor to break it up.

For instance, if your logo’s color is purple and your company’s name is “Empire,” use the “A” to indicate that your company has a particular affiliation with the Empire Empire Group.


Use letter spacing.

If letters don’t fit together, try using a small font to emphasize them.

For smaller fonts, use a small “A.”


Use rounded corners.

The rounded corners of logos make it easier to read and also make them stand out more.

This can help you stand out from the competition.


Use italics.

Use bold and/or italic letters to convey your brand message.

The bold type can also add interest to your logo, but it doesn’t need to be a high-traffic color.


Use color.

Colors are great to use for branding, but don’t limit yourself to just red and white.

If colors are not your thing, use something else, like orange, yellow, or blue.


Use contrast.

If there’s too much contrast between two colors, then it can look unnatural.

Instead of using a dark background, try contrasting colors with bright ones.

For more tips on choosing colors, check out this video.

Read more about logo design: What Is a Logo?

How To Design a Logo for Your Company article

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