How a designer with an industrial design background got her first job as a woman editor

The first thing a woman does when she finds herself in the middle of a creative process is to try to figure out what the hell it is she’s supposed to be doing.

In many ways, this process is what has made the field of design the most difficult one to enter for women.

Women often find themselves in the role of “the guy” or “the boss” in the design world, and this is often due to a few factors, including the fact that we’re less than half the size of men and our experience with design is less structured than that of men. 

But there is one thing that has been helping us through all of this: we have the experience of a woman.

When it comes to design, we are considered women and we can build our own work and share our knowledge.

So what can we learn from these women who are making their mark on the world of design? 

In an effort to help women who aspire to be designers, The New York Times recently published a list of 10 women who have shaped the world with their design work.

The ten women are all talented and have proven their worth in the field.

Here are their stories and insights into how they’ve shaped their careers: 1. Marisa L. “The Girl With the Big Dipper” Marissa L. is a self-described “designer’s designer” with a focus on fashion and fashion-related projects. 

When she was just 15 years old, Marisa was asked to design a “toxic plastic” product. 

 She was a bit overwhelmed by the challenges of creating a product that was both effective and environmentally friendly, so she made it herself. 

While the product failed to make its intended target, Marissa was inspired by her experience designing a toxic plastic product and decided to use her design skills to change the world.

She has since become a mentor for designers, designers, and artists to use their design skills in a more effective way. 


Carly C. “[Being a woman] can be a huge privilege in many ways.” 

Carley C. is the founder of Designing For Girls (DFF), a non-profit organization that provides technical support and mentorship to women who want to be artists. 

DFF is currently a nonprofit organization. 

3. Alyssa K. Being a female designer has made her an asset to the design industry. 

The founder of Designing For Women, Alyssa has seen firsthand how female designers are creating beautiful products and creating lasting impact. 

She has also witnessed the challenges women face in their careers. 4. 

Karen “Women are just as creative as men, and so they’re able to see how we could do better.” 

Kathleen H. is an illustrator, illustrator-designer, and founder of design studio Sensory Lab. 

In her role as a creative director, Kathleen has helped design products for clients like Macy’s, Macy’s Creative Division, and the Smithsonian Institute. 5. 

Laura “Being a feminist has made me who I am today.

Being a feminist and working for women has given me the confidence to continue pushing myself and my work forward.” 

Laura is a freelance designer, designer, and writer. 6. 

Margo “I’ve had to make compromises and sacrifice in order to get to where I am.” 

Mannie is a designer, writer, and illustrator. 

Before becoming a freelance illustrator for designers and brands, Mannie was a graphic designer and artist. 

As a freelance graphic designer, Mannies work led her to becoming a designer. 7. 

Tanya “It’s not just about me being a designer or being a woman, but being a good, strong woman who loves her career.” 

Tayla is the founder and CEO of K-beauty brand Crown. 

Criminally, Tayla has been in the business for over a decade. 


Kristen “What I like most about being a creative is that I get to create what I love to do and make things that people can enjoy.” 

Kristy is an illustrative designer who also has a passion for design. 

Her creative process has led her across a number of industries. 


Natalie “Having a female voice in the industry is important because women are often the only ones who really understand what’s going on and what’s not.” 

Nathan is a freelance illustrative artist and a professional writer.

She also writes for Entertainment Weekly. 


Sue “You don’t want to think of yourself as a male or female designer, you just want to make things for people.” 

Saying that, Sue is

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