Louis Vuitton designer Louis Vuitch designs a skull tattoo for an unnamed client

When Louis Vuittons latest collaboration with the head of the headless, zombie-themed brand, Zombietone, hit stores last week, the designer seemed like he was about to throw down with a pair of scissors and a couple of chisels.

But instead of cutting out the skull, Vuitton went with a different design, one that would have been almost as creepy to someone who’s seen the movie, “The Thing.”

Vuitton, a New York-based designer and tattoo artist, made a series of skull designs for Zombiets “Black Friday” campaign, including a skull that looks almost exactly like the head that was found in the trunk of a car.

And he even went with black, which is a color that has been linked to headless zombies.

But the design was a bit too scary for most people.

When the skull was originally unveiled, the designers were not very sure if the skull design would work.

“We tried the design and we thought it was very scary,” Vuittoni told the Daily Dot.

“It was something that looked so real and yet so unreal.

But after seeing the results, I just felt like we needed to change it.”

Vusittoni explained that the idea for the skull came from a discussion about the undead that he had with a friend.

“I was just thinking about how we are able to be so human,” he said.

“If we are not able to survive, what is our value?

What does that make us?”

The headless skull was inspired by an encounter that Vuittone had with his friend who, he said, was trying to find a place to stay while trying to survive on the streets of New York City.

He told the friend that he was going to find the closest shelter and put up a sign to welcome people into the city.

When he got to the shelter, he asked for directions and the friend said, “You’re a man with a skull.”

The friend explained that he went to a nearby homeless shelter, where he asked the people there if they had a skull.

“And they said no,” Vuitton said.

So he went back to the original question: If we don’t have a skull, why should we be welcome into a shelter?

“I had a realization,” Vuitto said.

“‘I have a friend, so why should I be welcomed?'”

So Vuittony decided to make a skull to give shelter workers a way to distinguish between someone who needed shelter and someone who didn’t.

He explained to the staff of the shelter that he wanted to put a skull on their badge.

So when the staff saw the skull tattoo, they said, “‘You’re welcome, buddy,'” and they didn’t even try to hide it.

The design also made a connection with Vuittonic’s own tattoo designs.

“The idea for me was to use my own style, which was to have a lot of lines, a lot more colors, a little bit of shading,” he explained.

“A lot of the people who work at the shelter wanted to get a skull because it makes a statement to the world.”

Vuccia Vuittonia, Louis Vuitzon’s mother, says she doesn’t want to be seen as a monster in this tattoo story.

“They’re so terrified,” she told the Huffington Post.

“Their skin is all over the place, their hair is all messed up, their eyes are black, and they’re afraid of people.

They just want to hide.”

When Vuittonis skull design came out, it quickly drew criticism.

“This is the kind of thing where people should have known better,” said Sarah D’Angelo, who works as a social media strategist at the nonprofit Project Fear.

“How could you create a design that you didn’t know was offensive and hurtful?

That’s what really bothers me.

They’re so afraid to go to work because they think they’re going to be judged for it.

That’s just sick.”

According to D’Angeli, the campaign was designed to scare the public into not coming to the shelters.

“But it was also a response to the public backlash that people are feeling about the designs,” she added.

“These designs have been in the press for a while, and now people are responding to the designs.

That was really important to Louis.”

Vulittoni said that his team was working with the homeless shelters on the design.

“For them, I think it was important to me to be able to come in and show them that I was not a monster,” he told HuffPost.

“People are scared, and I want to show them the truth.

I think they understand that.”

Vosittoni added that he has seen many people who were scared of the design, but now feel like they are being treated fairly.

“Everyone has to deal with the same

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