What a day at the office: How to make an iconic logo for a new brand

A year ago this week, I got the opportunity to be interviewed by RTE’s digital creative director for the new season of the show ‘Design for Change’, where I got to learn about the latest trends in digital design.

In the process, I also learned how to make a custom tattoo design for a company in Norway.

The design was inspired by the country’s national anthem and the iconic logo it had become for decades.

The design, which was inspired using the words ‘Takotaht’ – Norwegian for ‘tear away the tear’ – is now a trademark of Norsk Hydrokom, an umbrella company that owns the design.

Norsk’s CEO Kristian Nilsen said that they had been in contact with the tattoo artist, who was in love with the design and wanted to share it with everyone.’

We’ve been very pleased with the way he has handled the process,’ he said.

‘The tattoo artist has been very responsive and has provided the details we needed.

We’re very happy with the result and look forward to the launch of the tattoo on April 5.’

The company’s branding, which uses a similar design, is a combination of the words TT, which stands for ‘The Thing’ and the letters ‘k’.

TT stands for tak, which means ‘thing’ and k means ‘kink’.

The letter ‘k’ has been used on the tattoo since 2010 and has been incorporated into the brand since the year 2000.

In the past, Norsck’s logo has been the subject of controversy when people have used it to make offensive comments about their ethnic or sexual orientation.

In 2012, the company apologised for using the word ‘tapered’.

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