Crickets: Is there a cricket industry in your backyard?

Crickets are in the news again after a cricket player, who was caught on video, filmed himself falling from a tree, before going down in a hail of hailstones.

A man who was seen climbing a tree with a bucket of water was caught trying to jump into the air and falling down.

A witness, identified as Darren, said he was standing near the edge of the tree when he heard a noise and saw a man with a rope in his hands trying to get a jump on the tree.

Darren, who is a resident of Crumlin, said that he was about to leap into the water when he saw the man with the rope, with the bucket of ice water on his head, coming down.

He said: “I was looking up and saw this guy with the water bucket on his back.

I thought, ‘That guy has gone up into the trees’.”

I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to jump out and I’m going not to land’.

“The footage of the man jumping off the tree was captured by a friend, who had the opportunity to jump in and help him, and shared it on Facebook.

Darren said that after the jump, he saw his friend being carried away by the storm.

Darren posted the video to his Facebook page, where he received over 50,000 likes and comments.

Crickets on the move The man in the video has not yet been identified, but Darren has shared the footage on Facebook and it has been shared more than 4,000 times.

Darren described the man as a “socially awkward” man who had been in the local cricket club for about five years.

He added: “He was very social, always hanging out with friends and was a good mate.”

I’m looking forward to the weekend,” he said.

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