Which butterfly tattoo design is your favorite?

Posted February 13, 2019 03:14:22I’ve been tattooing butterfly tattoos for over 20 years, and the one I chose was the most personal one.

I’m a big fan of butterfly designs because they make you feel special and special places.

I was also inspired by my mom’s butterfly tattoo when I was little.

I had a tattoo of my mom, and I loved it so much, I thought I would try to make a butterfly tattoo myself.

The idea for my tattoo came about while I was in the middle of doing my last tattoo for a tattoo artist I work with.

The tattoo artist had a lot of experience tattooing butterflies, so he asked me if I would like to create a butterfly for him to do a butterfly design for him.

I said yes, and my tattoo artist went to the tattoo shop and got a lot more butterfly designs.

He got me a lot bigger butterfly tattoo and even a bigger butterfly than the tattoo artist was able to create.

When I first got the tattoo, I was very nervous about it because it was going to be my last one, but it was my first butterfly tattoo.

I knew I wanted it to be a symbol of who I am.

My tattoo artist took it on like it was his baby, and it really was a symbol.

I feel like this tattoo is like a little brother to me.

The butterflies I’ve had in my body, they’re my life, and they’re everything to me and my heart.

I’ve had so many butterflies that are tattooed on me.

One of my favorite butterflies is a red butterfly.

The colors are so beautiful and they are so vibrant.

I also love the butterfly on my neck.

It’s a blue butterfly and it’s so cute and I love it.

When I was a little kid, my mom would paint butterflies on my head and she would give me butterfly tattoos all the time.

My mom is the reason I have butterflies tattooed in my arms, because she’s my inspiration.

I also love my tattoos with the red and blue motifs on them.

I always want to have a tattoo with the green and blue stripes.

I love the colors on my tattoos.

I’ve got blue butterflies on me, red butterflies on top of my head, and purple butterflies on the bottom of my neck and on my legs.

I just love how the colors are on them, and there’s no words to describe it.

I’m always trying to be different, but I think it helps to have different tattoos.

When it comes to tattoos, I’m just happy to get different designs, so I’m always experimenting and I think that makes me happy.

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