Which team has the most fun tattoos?

Easy pumpkin designs are making a comeback in the NHL.

With the 2017-18 season set to start next month, many teams are making their first Halloween-themed tattoos.

In the meantime, the league has given the first official permission to players to use the team’s logo and color scheme as a backdrop for their signature designs.

The NHL is also allowing teams to have a few different designs, with each team having to submit its own logo and colors scheme.

Here’s a look at the top 20 teams with the most Halloween-inspired tattoos: 10.

Chicago Blackhawks: The Chicago Blackhawks will wear a pumpkin in their trademark black jersey.

The team has had a handful of Halloween-related designs in the past, but none of them have been this elaborate. 

The black-and-white sweater design that will be worn by Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toeppen and Patrick Sharp was created by the Chicago-based artist Jody Phelan.

In addition, the Blackhawks have used the team-colored blue and green piping that will decorate the front of the jersey, as well as a custom-designed black stripe across the back.

The stripes and piping will be visible to the outside of the sweater, but not to the player’s face. 


New York Islanders: The New York-area team will be wearing a pair of Halloween hats with a “Catch a Freak” logo emblazoned on the front. 

Catch, a company that creates custom headwear for players, has been producing custom Halloween headwear since the 1990s. 

Halloween-themed hats have been worn by players in the league for years, but these are the first that feature a “catch a freak” logo.

The custom-made hats feature a custom logo with a silhouette that looks like a cat and a paw.

The logo features the New York skyline and a giant “CATCH” tattooed into the side.

The New Jersey Devils and Colorado Avalanche are the only other teams to feature a catch a freak logo on their hats. 


Minnesota Wild: The Minnesota Wild will wear their signature black jersey in a pumpkin pattern in the shape of a pumpkin. 

Fancy a little bit of color on your jersey?

The Minnesota-based company, Crave Creative, has done a great job creating a range of hats, including the iconic black jersey and the black and white sweater. 

While the sweater will have the classic red-and, orange-striped stripe that’s common on other teams, the white stripe on the back will have a “fairy” pattern that will evoke the look of a little girl. 


Carolina Hurricanes: The Carolina Hurricanes will wear the team logo and a “candy cane” on their jerseys. 

It’s not the most exciting of Halloween designs, but it will still be pretty fun to watch the Carolina Hurricanes play hockey.

The white-and red sweater that will replace the white jersey is the first design that is currently available.

The Hurricanes will also have the team name in black on the sleeves.

The design features the words “CAROLINA HOCKEY” in big letters across the chest, and a white stripe over the front and back. 


Arizona Coyotes: The Arizona Coyotes will wear Halloween-style patches with the words MAGIC in white on their uniforms. 

For a team that has always worn Halloween-type patches, this will be the first time that they’ve actually done it. 

As you might imagine, this patch is in the tradition of the classic Halloween patch worn by the New Jersey Generals, which featured a white-tipped candy cane. 


Nashville Predators: The Nashville Predators will wear “Pumpkin Patch” on the shoulders of their jersey. 

Pumpkins are popular for a variety of reasons.

One of them is that they are traditionally an aphrodisiac, but another reason is because they are a good source of protein.

The Predators are using this trend to their advantage, and the patch is designed with a pumpkin that has been harvested from the local community. 


Carolina RailHawks: The RailHucks will wear orange pants with the word “Halloween” printed on the outside. 

A classic Halloween-time sweater will be paired with a classic red and white striped sweater.

The red and blue striped sweater is made with the logo of the Carolina Railhawks, while the orange pants are the same color as the white jerseys.

The pants will be available in two colors, black and orange. 


Florida Panthers: The Florida Panthers will wear an orange-and-“red” hat. 

“Pumpkitch” is a nickname that the team has used since 2010.

The hat will feature a red “P” and a black “R” that is printed on top of a white “P”.

The “P”, in red, is a reference to the orange color.

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