‘I’m Not a Christian,’ Trump Says: ‘It’s My Life’

Donald Trump says that he is not a Christian, but that he will not change his faith to be a Christian.

Trump was asked about his comments on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday morning.

“I’m a Christian,” Trump said, “but I don’t believe in a heaven or hell.

I don [believe] in the eternal life, that we’ll all go to heaven.

I do believe in the love and the mercy of God.”

The billionaire real estate developer added that “we need to love each other.”

“I’m not a believer,” Trump added.

“You know, you’re a Christian and you have a religion and I’m not one of them.

You know, I’m a businessman, I make decisions.

I think people have to make their own decisions.

If you don’t have the right, you know, for you to be in heaven, you don, you have to be careful.”

In a statement to ABC News, Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller said, “[Trump] believes that Christians should love one another, but he believes that love does not always have to include the violence of God’s wrath.”

Donald Trump believes that all of us can make the best choices for our families and our lives, and we will all be judged by the Lord, but the Bible does not condone the violence that Donald Trump and other religious leaders and others have advocated for.

Trump has no intention of changing his views on Jesus Christ, nor will he ever.

“Miller also added that Trump is a supporter of a “moral relativism” that says “there is no right or wrong way to live your life.””

We have to go back to the basics. “

We can’t be judged based on our religious beliefs.

We have to go back to the basics.

We’re a nation of laws, we’re a free nation, we have to respect our laws and our people.

And the Bible says that people can’t beat one another.”

Trump’s comments come after he recently said that “I don’t really believe in heaven” in a speech to evangelical leaders.

The Republican candidate also said that he believes God has “a plan” for America.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Trump said that his own faith is based on what he believes in.

“I have no doubt about my faith.

I believe in Jesus Christ,” Trump told Van Suster.

“And I do have a lot of faith in God.

But I don, frankly, believe in God, so I’m just going to be myself.”

Trump has said that in order to “save America,” he wants to change the “moral fabric” of America.

“The idea that I’m going to change my religion to be more like the Christians in heaven is a joke, right?

I don-I’m an American,” Trump explained.

“It’s just not true.

I mean, if you’re going to get rid of the Christian faith, that’s just like saying you’re not going to save the world.

I’m an independent American.

And that’s how it works.

So, I guess that’s the real thing.

I guess you have people that are Christians, but they’re not Christian.

I have no problem with that.

I like to call it my own way.”

Trump also told Van Husteren that he’s not a big fan of Hillary Clinton.

“She’s not the right candidate.

I haven’t seen her, but she’s not very Christian.

She’s not that religious,” Trump asserted.

“She’s a very liberal person.

And I’ve never seen her as a Christian.”

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