Flower design by designer diaper bags makes for the best of both worlds

Flower design is a versatile term, it can refer to anything from a decorative flower to a functional design, but there is no shortage of people who have used the term to describe different types of products.

From a design standpoint, this is exactly the kind of thing that designer diaper bag is capable of, creating products that are both functional and functionalist.

This year, the brand started to showcase their newest design in the form of the Triple Aught design which combines elements of floral design, floral applique and floral embellishment.

In an exclusive interview with design website DesignAdvocate, designer diaper brand PergolaDesigns has revealed the details of their newest baby products.

According to designer diaper company, Pergolas designs have always had an affinity towards functional design.

The brand first launched their first product in 2015, the Double Aught, which has become a classic in the fashion world, and the TripleAught is their latest addition to the Triple series.

The TripleAughter is a product which is a blend of floral and floral appliqué, it’s a product that combines floral motifs with floral embellishments, it adds a lot of personality to the product.

The floral motif is very versatile, and can be used as a decoration for the outside of the product, and then also a way to create a flower bowl, which is then finished off with a floral appliques.

The floral applicies can also be applied on the back of the baby.

This can create a lot more variety, with the TripleAAughter also incorporating the floral motif into the packaging, making it one of the most versatile baby products on the market.

With all of this in mind, the Triple AAughter, along with the floral appliements, create a product with a lot to offer.

In the interview, designer Pergolas creative director of design, Andrew Withers, explains the process behind creating the Triple, which he said is similar to how they create other floral designs.

“We look at the floral and the floral design and then combine them together to create the Triple,” he said.

“So it’s all about the design and the composition and it’s also about the fit, the design with the material that we’re going to use, the shape of the floral that we want to create.”

Pergolas TripleAoughter is now available in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

You can follow the brand on Instagram here and Twitter here.

The new TripleAought Double Aughter features floral applices, floral embellishes, and floral flowers in a range of sizes.

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