Inside the world of a modern art house, with an Australian designer

An interior designer at Melbourne’s Moma Design Store has revealed her favourite art work of all time and her top three favourites of all the modern artists.

An interior design student and self-described artist, Anastasia Semenov is a freelance design professional based in Sydney.

“My top three favourite pieces are from Australian artists.”

They’re not abstract pieces that have nothing to do with the artist’s work.

I love them for the beauty and the simplicity,” Ms Semenova told ABC Radio Melbourne.

Ms Semenovsky’s favourite piece is the iconic, black and white ‘Barefoot in the Sun’ painting from 1884.

The painting is a reminder of a time when Melbourne was a city where people lived and worked in a way that was different from our modern world.

Anastasia’s favourite Australian artist is John Keats, who was born in South Australia and died in 1820.

She said she was drawn to painting and to Keats because of the way he painted.

When she started working at the Moma, she had to leave home for work.

She worked at the shop for five years before moving to Melbourne to pursue a career as an interior designer.

It’s very practical and it’s very visual. “

[My passion is] the way the work is done.

It’s very practical and it’s very visual.

My favourite pieces of artwork are the ones that have no meaning.

They’re not just an abstract piece,” Ms Mornovova said.

Her favourite Australian artists are John Keat, James Van Der Beek and Emily Dickinson.

Despite being a designer herself, Ms Momenovov said she felt she was missing out on a bit of the design process.

Designer bags sales has been a hit with customers, and her favourite pieces have included: the classic design bag by H. M. Sterns, with a small bag for everyday use, a pocket for documents, a leather bag for work, and a leather jacket.

A classic designer bag by James Van der Beek with a strap for work and a pocket, as well as a pair of shoes.

More work by Emily Dickinson has also been a huge hit.

But Ms Semanov said the most important piece of her design work is the ‘Bag of Dreams’ by the artist Alexander Calder, a piece that captures the idea of ‘dreams’.

“The idea that a bag can have so many functions,” Ms Astalova said, “that it’s not just for the interior designer but also for anyone who wants to feel like a dreamer.”

Her design work has been featured on the cover of The New York Times, the Sydney Morning Herald and in the Australian edition of Time magazine.

In a statement on the Momas website, the company said: “We are proud to support our team of designers, as our mission is to create a positive environment where our customers feel empowered and they can be their best selves.”

Ms Momenova said she wanted to encourage young designers to pursue careers in design, and to continue to share their craft.

To read more about Melbourne, visit the ABC News website.

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