How to make cookies by design

The sweet, fluffy treat is now available in the form of a designer fanny backpack.

The plush toy is made by designer fannie pack and has a cute design to go with it.

A cute design, right?

Read More that is so popular it has now become a trademarked product in India.

The fanny is the brainchild of designer fannies from Bangalore, India, who set up their business last year.

The idea was born out of a love for design, said the business’ founder.

“We are looking to bring the idea of creating handmade cookies to India,” she told the Daily Mail.

The concept behind the fanny packs has been around for years, but the first commercial product to be made in India came in 2014 when designer fainz pack was introduced in Delhi.

The pack is currently being sold in retail outlets in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

The product is sold with an 8cm (3.2 inch) thick paper bag that can be stuffed with whatever you want.

“It’s like a designer’s suitcase,” the company’s website says.

The company says that its customers are from all over India, from middle-class families to the lower class, and that the packaging is made in the same fashion as its competitors.

“The fannys come with an amazing array of different designs, ranging from traditional designs, to modern design, to playful designs,” the website says, adding that they also offer a variety of sizes.

The company’s Facebook page boasts over 100,000 likes and 500 comments.

The fanny’s packaging is also made from recycled materials and recyclable paper.

“Designers love this concept, as it offers them an opportunity to share their unique ideas and creations with the public,” the product’s website reads.

“By sharing our handmade designs with the world, we hope to bring more attention to their unique and unique designs.”

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