What the new scandana looks like and sounds like

As a kid, I used to have a bunch of Scandana stickers.

They were the type of thing you would put on a card and send around to your friends, family, and co-workers.

But then, over time, I’ve come to love Scandas more and more. 

It’s a gorgeous shade of green with a very distinctive pattern. 

In the past, I wore Scandanas as a necklace, and I wore them with sunglasses as a signature look.

But recently, I realized that I wanted to give them a more traditional look, so I decided to turn my scandas into a scarf.

My inspiration came from my favorite scarf designer, Sophie.

She started her career at a boutique, and she was inspired to create a scarf that looked and felt like a scandan, so she decided to do the same. 

When Sophie started the project, she had no idea how many people would wear this scarf.

She was so excited about it.

She had to sell her scandanas, but she was so proud of them, she said, and then she saw that they were being worn by the celebrities who she admired. 

And then she started getting emails from people all around the world who were interested in wearing it.

I think Sophie was so inspired by it, that she decided that she would donate the scarf to the charity, The Norwegian Refugee Council, and make a scarf to match.

So she took them back to her boutique, put them on the wall, and the scarf became one of the most iconic Scandans of all time.

Now that she’s retired from her job as a fashion designer, she decided it was time to put the scarf back on the shelf. 

“It’s been such a great story, and it’s a story of the way we live and the people who live in our country,” Sophie said.

“So we want to give it back to people who are in need and make it a lasting memory for generations to come.”

She also said she wanted to create something that is truly timeless.

“The scarf that I wore in the video is a piece of art, it’s not just a scarf,” Sophie added.

“This scarf will stay with us forever.”

The scandans will go on display at The Oslo Folk Museum starting next week, and Sophie said she hopes to have it in the hands of people in Norway soon.

“The idea of creating a scarf is really exciting for me,” she said. 

She added that she hopes people will enjoy it.

“I hope people will think of me as the scandalian scandaman and want to get a scarf of my scandi.”

If you’re in Oslo and want a scandi, Sophie is hosting a scarf contest on Facebook.

You can also take a look at the scarf on the website. 

Here are some other amazing photos of Scandi scandalovers, and how to wear one yourself:Scandi Scandalover: Photo: Courtesy Sophie Scandaliens: Photos: Courtesy Sophie

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