Sweden’s newest design: The ‘Nurf’ toilet

Sweden’s new toilet design is going viral with people sharing their favourite toilet design, and now there are more people talking about it than ever before.

Sweden’s Public Health Authority said the design will be installed in the country’s biggest city of Malmo, which has an estimated population of 20 million.

The toilet is based on a traditional Scandinavian design with a single row of holes and a circular design that connects with the wall.

It has been dubbed the ‘Nursery Of The Year’ and is one of many new toilets being rolled out across the country in the run-up to the summer heatwave.

The toilet will be fitted with a stainless steel sink, which will act as a barrier to prevent people from urinating or defecating into the toilet itself.

It will also feature a toilet seat which will be designed to make it easy for people to sit or lie down.

Its makers hope that by creating the design, it will encourage people to clean up after themselves, and will also encourage people with chronic illnesses to use the toilet.

Sweden is the first country to introduce a ‘nursery toilet’ which has been designed specifically to help people in Sweden who are ill.

People will be able to choose from a range of different toilet designs, including the ‘Giant’ toilet that is used in the Nordic country’s largest city, Malmo.

‘We are going for a new kind of toilet that’s simple and beautiful,’ said Johanna Ekberg, the Swedish architect who is responsible for the toilet design.’

We’re not going for the same kind of modern technology, but we are going to go for a design that’s actually simple and elegant.’

It will be a great experience for everyone and we are very confident that we will do it really well.”

Nursing toilet’The ‘Nürf’ was designed by Johanna and her partner Anna Långqvist and will be built in a building that is already home to a private toilet, which was designed in the same style as the new toilet.

They hope that the new design will help reduce hospital visits for people who are in a serious condition.

In addition to the toilet, there will also be a ‘crisis response toilet’, which is intended to be used by a person who has just arrived home.’

The Nürf is very much a public toilet.

It will not only help people to wash their hands and wash their clothes, but also it will have an important role to play as a toilet for people at risk of dehydration or who have already lost some weight,’ the company said.

With so many toilets to choose for the country, Johanna said they wanted to ensure the design is a ‘perfect fit’ for the city.’

There will be two different types of toilet.

The first type will have a sink and a toilet bowl,’ she said.

‘It will have the same shape, but it will be different.

It is designed to be an alternative to the normal toilet, so people will be very familiar with it.’

The ‘Gandh’ toilet was also designed by Anna and her husband, and it is expected to be a different design to the Nürn.

However, Anna said that they are aiming to make the ‘nurf toilet’ as comfortable as possible for people.’

People who are obese or have diabetes will also enjoy the new model,’ she added.

‘There will also still be the old toilets with the same size and shape.”

It’s going to be fun for everyone’The company also plans to make some changes to the ‘dormitory toilet’ that is currently being used by families and individuals, but Johanna says the new concept will still have many similarities with the ‘gandh’.’

The new toilet is a very simple design, so it will also look good for everybody,’ she explained.

There will still be a large sink and toilet bowl, but the company plans to create a separate section that will be used for individual use.

‘We are planning to add a new toilet for families, where the person who needs to use it will just sit down in the seat and be able use the shower,’ she continued.

‘The toilets will be smaller than the current ones and they will also have a separate toilet for individual washing.’

This is going to create more opportunities for families and people who don’t have a toilet.

They will have their own space in their home to wash and use the water, and then they can use the washroom for their own needs.’

The Nurf is due to open to the public on May 6.

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