Sandal Design

The concept of a “sandal” design, originally a concept for the garment that was inspired by the fashion industry, is being revived.

The idea was first coined by the Danish fashion designer Mandy de Jong in the 1990s and later popularized by British designer Paul McCartney.

De Jong says the idea was born from her love for fashion, which she says is all about the materiality and beauty of the fabric.

“It’s about feeling it, how it feels in your hands, how you feel it on your skin,” she says.

“It’s all about that, and you can’t see the fabric in it.”

De Jong has used her love of design to help her create a line of products that appeal to all types of consumers.

For example, her line of handmade leather sandals includes leather and rubber.

She also designs women’s shoes, bags and coats.

De Jung says her first design idea for a sandal was in 2006 when she was trying to design a shoe for a woman who didn’t like to wear shoes.

She was asked if she could create a sandals that would be comfortable, but also make her feel powerful.

She says that was the first time she ever had the idea of a sandbag, which was the next step.

“When you are creating something you don’t think about, you don [feel] powerful,” she explains.

“So the sandal is about taking that power and transforming it into something that feels powerful and beautiful.

So you get to think about how the shape and size can affect the body and the power.”

De Jung has designed over 1,200 sandals since her debut in 2007.

She says she still gets calls from clients who are asking about the latest design and she always responds with, “Yes, please.

Please call me.””

It makes me feel powerful, I’m just so happy with what I do.

I love it,” she adds.

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