How to Make Your Own Super Bowl Halftime Show Video

The video game industry has been struggling with its slowest sales in decades. 

The number of games sold in the US fell to just 14 million last year, according to NPD Group, a market research company. 

A survey by Kinetek Research found that in February 2017, gamers spent less than $1.3 billion on gaming hardware and software. 

That’s down from $2.7 billion in 2015.

The numbers have fallen even more in the UK, where sales have fallen by nearly 10% in the past year. 

“It’s a slow year for the gaming industry,” Ketelix CEO Chris Klaassen told Bloomberg Businessweek in January. 

He told the publication that it’s possible the industry will take a “recovery” in the coming years. 

And that’s what makes Halftime shows such an interesting thing to watch. 

As a fan of football and basketball, I’m always looking to watch my favorite team play the game they love. 

But if I was to watch the Super Bowl from home, I’d be more interested in seeing the game from the perspective of my favorite quarterback, the best wide receiver, and the most iconic player on the field. 

Halftime shows allow viewers to experience those emotions without the distraction of a stadium. 

If you’ve ever watched the Superbowl from home or in the comfort of your couch, you know it’s an incredible experience. 

This is what I hope to do. 

For me, it’s about giving my audience an experience that I can’t imagine on TV. 

It’s an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

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