The world’s most expensive designer phones

A new breed of designer phones is now available to consumers in Japan, where the price tag for a pair of brand new iPhone 5s has jumped by over 20 times.

The designer phones, which cost $1,000 (£914) to produce, are made by a company called Toscano which specializes in high-end smartphones and has a reputation for producing high-quality products.

The phones are priced at around $900 (£521) each and come in the same colours as their Apple counterparts, which are available in a range of grey and black.

Toscano sells the phones in two sizes: the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s.

However, the company says it also sells a range called the iPhone 6, which includes a larger battery and faster processor.

“If you compare the two models, you can see the difference,” said Toscanoes founder Shunsuke Sugimoto.

“The iPhone 6 has a more powerful processor, faster processor, better camera and has the same dimensions.

The iPhone 5 has a much better camera.”

The company is also selling a phone called the Toscamo 4.

This is a cheaper, more basic phone with a more basic camera.

“We think it is better than the iPhone 3GS and 4, but we’re not sure yet whether it is a real iPhone or a fake iPhone,” said Sugimoto, adding that the company is currently working on a third version of the phone.

“There is a lot of competition, but I think this is the best way to sell a high-tech phone.”

Toscanos smartphone range is now selling at a premium, with the new iPhones reaching $900 each, which is nearly twice the price of the first iPhone, according to the Japanese site 9to5Mac.

The iPhone 5 is now the top-selling phone in Japan with over 9,000 units sold, according a report by TechCrunch.

The new iPhones also offer a new design and design toscana, which the company describes as a ‘superior and refined version’ of the original iPhone.

“In order to produce a better phone, Toscana has taken the best features from the iPhone,” Sugimoto said.

“The best of the iPhone’s design language, which makes it the best in the world.”

Sugimoto told the BBC that the new iPhone 6 models are not just cheaper, but also lighter.

He added that the device can also be charged faster.

The price of Toscanos iPhone range has increased by 20% since last year’s iPhone 6 launch.

The company has also introduced new models with larger batteries and faster processors.

To scano is also currently developing a new line of smartphone cases which it says will offer a ‘more luxurious look’ and are being marketed by the brand.

“You can expect these cases to be more luxurious, they will be made from a material that will be more durable, they’ll be more attractive, they won’t be as expensive,” Sugano said.

The company has not yet announced which phones it is working on for the Japanese market, but it is expected that there will be a range that features a larger screen and faster processing speed.

To Scano’s most recent launch, the new line is only available in Japan.

A US-based company called Apple Retail is also producing the iPhone cases, and Sugimoto told 9to4Mac that the iPhone accessories and cases would be available in the US.

“This is a new product line that Apple is doing,” Sugamoto said.

“They are working on products that are a bit more refined.

They are working with us on a couple of different things.”

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