When a designer’s dog collar goes viral, it’s worth it

Designed to keep dogs safe from predators, designer collars are an essential part of any home.

In 2016, a design competition awarded two winners for the best designs for home security, with one winning design and one runner-up winning the award for the design of the year.

The design of that year’s winner, the $100 dog collar called The Fetch, won the design competition, but only by a small margin.

A few months after the design won the competition, the dog collar was featured in a new BBC documentary, The Fitter, which aired in September 2017.

The BBC showed a photo of the design in action, and viewers were quick to notice that it looked like a cat was in it.

It took the world by storm, and The Fucker won the 2017 Design of the Year award.

The designer who won the 2016 design competition for the dog collare, D.M. Dennings, shared the photo of The Fatter in a tweet to his nearly 300,000 followers, saying that the photo was a perfect tribute to the cat.

“I thought, ‘Oh my god, what a cat,'” he said.

“It’s the ultimate cat.”

Dennies went on to win the 2016 Design of The Year award, too, with the $1,000 cat collar that he won the previous year.

“When you’re a cat, you have to have a good dog collar,” Denners said.

But he admits that cat collars have become so popular in recent years, they are now a luxury item for many designers, and a necessity for those who don’t want to leave their cats to fend for themselves.

“People will have a dog collar, and they will go, ‘I don’t have a cat and I want to wear this, but I’m not going to wear it,'” Dennes said.

The cat collar may be a necessity, but designer dog collaries can also be very stylish, and are definitely worth the money.

“The Fetch” design was created by designer Dennists.

The photo is a photo from his design.

The collar has a small “L” in it that means that it will come off after a few uses.

The fatter version of the fatter, which also includes a clip for the collar, is also $1.25.

Both styles of fatter dog collared collars come in a variety of colors, and can be purchased for $20, $30, $40, and $50.

The Fetter, which is the fattest, has a more elaborate design, featuring the cat’s head.

The designs are all printed on a vinyl label, and you can also get the Fetch with the Fitter collar for $1 less.

The designers behind the fitter designs have gone on to build a huge following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Many of the dogs who own the fitters are now sharing photos of their own fitter collars to Instagram and Facebook, where they have over 3 million followers.

The cats have their own collars.

“A lot of the cats have gotten really good at seeing what they like and want,” Denny said.

Many cats who have started using the fetch collars now wear the fatters for a regular day to help keep their cats safe.

“Some of them will go to the dog park, and there will be dogs who are trying to go out and chase the fettles,” D.D. said.

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