Why the designers behind ‘Womenswear for the 21st Century’ are now wearing designer sweatshorts

Posted February 11, 2018 05:16:38Troy Lee and his team at The Creative Factory are a New York City company that has been building stylish women’s clothing since 2005.

They specialize in the feminine form and they’ve created a range of clothing for men.

But for the past few years, Lee has also been working on something completely different.

His new womenswear brand, Womens Wear for the First Time, is taking on the trend of the “man sweatshirt.”

“It’s a great opportunity for us,” Lee said.

“I’m really proud to be a part of the Womanswear for The First Time brand.”

Lee has a background in marketing and marketing and advertising, but he says the business he’s starting in New York is a bit different.

“We have a really diverse clientele,” he said.

“[Our] clientele has become more gender neutral.”

Lee said he wants to build his brand around the idea of men wearing the best of both worlds.

“This is a new and unique way of creating women’s clothes that really looks good on them,” Lee explained.

“It’s not just a womens brand that’s made out of women’s material, it’s also a womans brand that really embraces the masculine elements.”

Lee and his co-founder, designer, designer and fashion designer Sarah Stenzel, are putting together a range for men that is a little different than the “feminine” clothing that has become popular lately.

“The reason I’m bringing it to the fashion world is because it is really important for us to make sure that it’s really feminine,” Lee told Fox News.

“Women should be in control of what they put on their bodies, they should be responsible for what they wear and not be afraid to wear it.”

The women’s styles include a black hoodie with a red shirt underneath, as well as a white jacket and a white blouse.

They’re also releasing a limited edition black dress with a hoodie and matching shoes.

Womans Wear for The New Year’s Eve will feature a range that will also include a men’s tee.

It will also be available online starting Feb. 14.

For the first time, women will also have the option to wear men’s jackets instead of the traditional sweatshirt.

Lee said they are also bringing a line of women-friendly clothing to the marketplace.

The first product will be a women dress called the Wombel.

It features a printed fabric with a fabric print on the back and a zipper on the front.

“It looks really feminine, but it’s definitely not a casual outfit,” Lee noted.

“The hoodie is a great way to get that same kind of silhouette.”

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