How to turn your crappy iPhone design into a professional work of art

When you’re not spending $100 to $200 on a crappy iPhone, you can still make an iPad look pretty good, thanks to the new iOS 8.1 release.

You can see for yourself.

We have an iOS 8,8.1 update on our hands-on gallery, and there’s a whole lot to like about it.

We like the new app launcher, a new look for the Control Center, a big new update to the Notification Center, and some of the more welcome new features in Messages, Camera, and Messages app.

But there’s one small problem: the app doesn’t even look like an iPhone app, and that’s something you’d expect from Apple.

The iOS 8 design is basically the same as iOS 8 we’ve seen before.

You have a white background, a dark, rounded corner, and a solid black border around the app icons.

The app is pretty small.

iOS 8’s interface looks like a little bit like the iPhone interface.

If you’re a designer, you probably have this same idea about what an iOS design looks like.

But this time, instead of a big black box, you have a rounded, rounded-circle design.

There’s a flat black border, a rounded black circle, and rounded white borders.

The rounded corners are just there to make the app look rounder.

I like rounded corners.

I don’t like rounded borders.

I’m not a fan of the iPhone’s round borders either.

So, if you want to be able to see the rounded corners, you’ll need to use the Control Bar.

You’ll see that there’s an icon on the bottom right corner of the Control Panel that looks like an icon that you’ll find on the iPhone.

The icon will be a circle with a white circle in it.

That’s the icon for the app drawer.

The Control Bar icon in iOS 8 looks like this:You can’t see the Control bar icon on iOS 8 because the app does not have a Control Bar button.

That means that you have to use some other kind of icon to access the Control Dashboard.

And you can’t just swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Controlbar.

You need to go right through to the app.

Here’s the problem with this approach: the Control App does not exist in iOS.

You cannot open the control app from within a Control Center app.

So it’s completely useless.

The Control Center has a lot of built-in features that you’d use to use it.

Like the ability to set reminders, see notifications, and edit your tasks.

But it does not support the sort of controls that you would use to open an iOS app.

You’d need to open that Control Center to see that you can access the app from a Control Dashboards control panel.

Here are the controls that are available to the Control app in iOS:The Control app has an option to turn off the Notification Centre.

The Notification Center is a nice feature that you use in iOS to set up reminders.

The control panel app uses this Notification Centre feature.

If you use Notification Centre in the Notification Dashboards app, you won’t see this Notification Center icon.

Here is an iOS Control Dashpanel with an app called Contacts that lets you access contacts and view messages.

You can also use the Notification Control Panel to view and edit messages in the Contacts app.

You have a new “control center” icon on top of the Notification Bar.

The notification center in iOS makes it easy to access Control Center controls.

In the Control Centre app, there’s no notification center.

You get to see a Notification Bar that’s not a Control Panel.

The new Control Center icon in the Control Panels app looks a lot like the old Notification Bar icon.

It has the same rounded corners and white border.

The new Notification Center has an icon with the same circular shape and rounded corners as the old one.

In fact, the new Notification Bar and Notification Center icons are similar in some ways, but the Control and Control Panel icons are different in others.

For example, the ControlBar icon has a rounded border around it and the ControlPane icon has rounded edges.

I’m not going to go into all of the different ways that the ControlCenter has different features.

I’ll just say that I like the rounded corner and the rounded edge, and I like that you get the option to make them show in a different way.

If your app is going to look pretty nice on an iPhone, it’s going to have to look a little different than it does on a new iPad.

The design is a little too simple.

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