‘We have no choice’: Obama’s new plan to get rid of the COVID-19 coronavirus is going nowhere

The US government is proposing to use taxpayer money to buy a large fleet of helicopters, which could be used to move the COVI-19 pandemic out of the country and into the hands of local officials.

The idea was first floated last month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who said it would cost the US about $100 billion a year to contain the pandemic, a price tag that would likely be met by taxpayers.

“This is a very important step in ensuring that we get rid, or at least reduce, COVID infections and prevent further spread of this disease,” CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden told reporters at the White House on Monday.

“It will cost about $200 billion to $300 billion a month.”

“I think it’s a very good plan, it’s going to be cost effective and we have to do it,” he added.

“The problem is, we have no choices.

There are no airplanes that can go anywhere in the world to carry the COV-19 out of here.””

We have a massive amount of work to do in terms of getting the vaccine out,” Frieden said.

“And I think we’re going to have to come up with some solutions to make it happen.”

The plan would require the purchase of a fleet of 1,400 helicopters, with the cost of each one pegged to the number of people living in a county where it would be deployed.

That would be roughly in line with the number needed to contain COVID in the US, with each helicopter costing about $10 million.

The CDC’s plan is part of a broader push by the Obama administration to get COVID out of cities, towns, and even farms.

The Department of Homeland Security announced earlier this month that it would spend $1 billion on a nationwide “community response plan” to control COVID, with a focus on the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, people living alone, and those with mental health problems.

The plan is also expected to include a proposal to buy $300 million worth of public health equipment.

The $100bn figure has been floated as a possible price tag for a fleet, but Frieden cautioned against making any firm predictions about what would happen if the federal government bought a fleet.

“There’s always going to come a point where you have to make some adjustments, but we’re not at that point yet,” he said.

Frieden said the goal of the plan is to get people to be more involved in their communities.””

The CDC is hoping to buy at least 1,000 aircraft, but its officials have not made any firm announcements about what types of aircraft it would use.

Frieden said the goal of the plan is to get people to be more involved in their communities.”

Our goal is to try to make the community a little bit more involved,” he told reporters.”

It’s not to be a babysitter.

It’s not going to take the hands off, and it’s not a place to go out in the streets and say, `Oh, that guy didn’t like me, he’s going after me.’

“The plan comes on the heels of the US government’s decision to sell nearly $600 million worth to private companies to buy the nation’s first, and so far only, fully operational, civilian COVID vaccine.

The White House says the sale of the vaccine is part in an effort to “stop the spread of the disease” in the country.

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