What does the new Amazon Echo look like?

Posted February 17, 2018 12:31:49I was a little bit surprised to find out that the new Alexa device is the same as the original Alexa device, as the new one is essentially just a different color.

But that’s what the new Echo is.

The new Echo comes in three different colors and has a new speaker.

Amazon’s new Alexa devices come in three colors.

Amazon/AlexaThe new Echo, as we saw in our review, is much larger and has an LED speaker.

It’s also the only Amazon Echo device that has a built-in camera.

The company is touting that this is an upgrade from the older Alexa device.

The new device also has a much larger screen, but that’s about it.

The Echo’s screen is a 1080p OLED display, which means it looks like a much smaller screen.

The device is also powered by a new 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex A9 processor, and there’s no NFC.

There’s a new remote for the Echo that supports both voice and text commands.

The first is a physical button that launches the Alexa app, which you can use to ask Alexa to do anything you want.

That second button lets you ask Alexa a question with a click of the remote.

The third button is a directional button that brings up the Alexa Search app.

This button is the one that lets you search for and access Alexa-related services and items.

The Alexa Search application is a similar app to the Amazon App Store, but the Echo app also has all of the Alexa features.

The Echo’s display is a 10-inch 1080p display.

It can display information from the internet and Siri, which is really handy.

The home screen has a little app called Alexa Home, which allows you to access Alexa from your phone or tablet.

There are also two microphones that allow you to ask questions with Alexa.

Alexa can also search for, access, and change your favorite services, items, and more.

The first Alexa feature is called Voice Recognition.

This is a voice-activated assistant that you can ask Alexa.

This isn’t a voice command, but it does get a little more intelligent with each question you ask it.

Alexa will answer your questions with a few suggestions based on what you ask.

The suggestion can then be customized by you.

The second feature is Voice Assistant, which can respond to voice commands.

Alexa understands your questions and can answer them with a lot of help.

Alexa also has this new feature called Contextual Knowledge, which lets you add more context to what you’ve asked.

Alexa knows what’s happening in your home and what your family is doing, for example, and can even help you find specific books and movies that are important to you.

Alexa’s voice assistant can also learn your language, so you can tell it to find the next movie on Netflix.

The third feature is Smart Home Assistant, and it’s not just any voice assistant.

Smart Home is Amazon’s new assistant.

Amazon’s Smart Home assistant can do a lot more than just answer your voice commands, including help with scheduling, setting up a music player, and finding out what’s going on in your house.

You can also use the Smart Home to play music from your speakers or Bluetooth speakers and listen to your favorite music.

There’s a third feature called Music Assistant, that can also play music.

Amazon has also released a new app for the Alexa voice assistant, called Alexa Assistant, to let you play music on your computer and on your TV using your voice.

This new Echo device has a 4.7-inch 720p display with a resolution of 1280×800.

It has a microphone, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microphone to help you ask for help.

It also has two microphones, one for voice commands and one for Siri.

The speaker can also be used for listening to music and speaking with Alexa, but you’ll have to turn the volume down to mute your device.

The speakers are connected via USB, but Amazon says that’s because you’ll need to be able to plug in a USB-C cable to charge the device.

It comes with a 4GB storage slot, and Amazon says it’s compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The Alexa device comes with four different Alexa functions.

The main Alexa function is Alexa Search.

Alexa searches for Alexa-relevant services, apps, and other items.

Alexa Search is also a lot smarter.

You’ll be able ask Alexa what a movie is called and what a restaurant is called.

The other three Alexa functions are Smart Home, Music Assistant and Contextual Information.

The next Alexa function, Smart Home Control, is a way for Alexa to control your home.

This will let you control things like the thermostat and the air conditioner, but also some other things like lights, lights on/off, or your refrigerator or freezer.

Smart home controls are great for when you need to go to the store for some groceries, but when you’re home you

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