Why you should be a nail designer in 2018

The year is 2020 and we all want to create something beautiful and meaningful to mark our fall nails.

But what is the best way to start?

With the help of a nail design resume, we’ve collected the best nail designs in 2018 and mapped out the best fall nail designs to fit your needs.

Whether you’re a nail artist or just someone who wants to decorate your nails, a nail plan is one of the most beautiful ways to start a new career.

And this year, we know you’re going to love our 2018 fall nail plans for you.

Here’s a look at some of our favorites from 2018, which include: A. Handsome and sophisticated designs for autumn and winter A few months ago, we shared a photo of a gorgeous and classy fall nail design that you can use as a base for your own Fall nail designs.

This Fall nail design by American Apparel and Dior nailsmiths features bold colors and bold details, and is perfect for autumn or winter. 

It’s an incredible fall nail plan that includes three vibrant colors that complement each other, and it has a gorgeous, textured finish that looks great all year long. 


Beautiful and elegant fall nail patterns and designs that are simple and easy to use A gorgeous fall nail pattern by American Apple is perfect to have on hand when you want to make a spring-inspired nail design.

This fall nail chart from Aida Designs has a stunning, bold color palette that looks perfect for fall and spring. 


A stunning fall nail dress with a twist that works for both winter and spring If you’re looking for a beautiful fall nail art that is simple and works with spring and winter, then look no further. 

This elegant spring and summer nail design is the perfect choice for spring, and its design is also perfect for winter.

It’s a beautiful spring nail design and will look great in any season, including spring and fall. 


Perfect autumn and spring nail art for any style You can have a simple fall nail as your spring nail, or you can make your spring nails look spectacular by adding some sparkle with this autumn and summer design by Dior. 

In this stylish autumn and mid-summer nail art by Buxom, you’ll see the color of the color wheel on the inside of the design, and the gradient of the polish that is applied to each nail. 


Decorative nail art with an easy-to-use, yet elegant design Whether you’re planning your own fall nail or designing for other nail artists, it’s always fun to try new nail designs with your favorite nail artists.

This stylish and elegant Fall nail art from American Apples and Diors nailsmith is perfect, and you’ll look great with this simple, elegant fall design. 


Stunning autumn and fall nail polishes and nail art Fall nail polishing can be a fun and easy way to give your nails some shine and add a touch of personality to your nails. 

With a great selection of fall nail colors and nail arts, you can add a little sparkle to your fall nail pieces by using these autumn and autumn nail art designs by American Elaborate and American Applies nailsmith. 


Summer nails for spring and autumn with a cute and fun design It can be tough to find the perfect spring and spring style nail, but this Autumn and Winter Fall nail chart by American Delicate nailsmith looks fantastic with any spring and Fall color scheme. 

You’ll have a springy, summery, and summery fall style nail with this Autumn nail design from Dior, and this fall nail will look amazing with any Fall color schemes. 


Fall and spring nails for fall with a simple design This gorgeous fall and fall design by Aida Design is perfect when you’re just starting out in your fall and winter nails.

The simple design and bold color scheme gives a spring/summer look to your nail designs and gives your fall nails a beautiful twist that will make them look great all spring and into fall. 

 L. An elegant spring-like nail design for fall A beautiful spring and Summer Fall nail plan by American Jewelers nailsmith will give your fall/spring nails a chic, feminine look that you’ll love to use all spring, fall, and winter. 

 M. Simple, easy-in-pandora-style spring and Spring nail designs If your spring and summers are just getting started, then you’ll want to look for fall nails that are just right for spring or summer.

With simple designs for spring colors, this fall and summer Spring nail design in Dior and American Delate nailsmith is perfect for spring.

It will look fantastic with every spring and Autumn color scheme, and will be perfect for your fall designs. 


Great spring and early summer nail designs

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