How designer Kate Waddington turned a room into a fireplace design

Designers often make their own furniture, but a design studio can help make it more practical.

This is what Kate Wadding did with a firehouse, in a studio she designed for the New York Times.

The firehouse design is part of the BBC Design series ‘Designers: The Making of the World’s Most Beautiful People’.

The design for the firehouse was inspired by the way it is lit, and the light itself is a bit like a flame.

It is an abstract representation of the light, which is made of red and green and white light, as well as white hot air.

The flame is the same colour as the wood, but the white is different, making it appear white.

This makes it look like a fireplace.

Wadding says: I made it a fire, I didn’t have to.

I was able to use a fire as a backdrop, and I had a white fireplace that I wanted to represent the warmth of a fire.

The idea was that there is a fire in the background that weaves its way through the furniture, lighting up everything in its path.

The light is red and the flame is green.

There are also candles that light up the fireplace, and there is also a fireplace chimney.

These are not decorative, but they are used as a way to represent warmth and the sense of warmth.

When the fireplace is lit up, the flames shoot out, but then they return to the fireplace’s base, and it becomes an actual fireplace.

The wood is made from a mix of recycled materials, and is dyed red and white.

The white is used to create the light and the colours, and they make it look more white.

Waddening says: You’re not really in a real fireplace, you’re not looking at the fire, you are seeing a flame on the ground.

When it gets very bright, it’s just going to be a red fire.

Then you have to start thinking about what is happening, and what you want it to look like.

When you’re designing furniture, the first thing you should do is to take the furniture into account.

Waddedings says: The idea is that you are sitting in a room, you have this fireplace, but you have no idea what it’s going to look and feel like, what’s going on around you.

It’s going all around the room, and you have an idea of what it will look like and feel.

That’s where the design team came up with the idea for the light.

There was a lot of different elements that went into the design of the fireplace.

It was a combination of wood, flame and white, and a fire that was hot and bright.

You need to consider the materials, the lighting, and even the way the fireplace works.

The lighting of the firework was inspired, in part, by a firework from the 1960s.

Wadsley says: It’s got this sparkly red and orange flame that lights up the room.

Then the light goes from that to the wood.

Then it goes to the chimney, which creates a light of a sort that’s a bit of a white light.

Then there’s the fireplace chimneys, which are like white fireplaces that light you up, but are actually white hot, which makes it more white and less red.

The fireplace was designed to reflect the warmth that comes from a fire inside the room and the fire itself, so there is this light of warmth that’s coming from the fireplace as well.

WADDING SAYS: The white light is just like the fire.

It makes it really warm, and then when you look up, you can see the firelight through the wood that’s also red.

It kind of makes the room feel more white in the sense that it’s reflecting all of the red, and making it feel more like a firelight.

The design is a great way to start your day, but there are so many more ways you can use it.

If you want to get the inside story behind how this came about, or how Kate Wadsen came up the idea, you might want to check out the series.

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