Apple’s new Home app for Mac and iPhone will be free

A new Mac and iOS app that is designed to give people more control over their homes and homeschooling could be coming to Apple’s newest device.

In a blog post on Monday, Apple said HomeKit is designed “to give parents and caregivers the power to create, share and manage their homes on a new level of accessibility, convenience and control.”

HomeKit will be available for Macs and iOS devices on July 21, the company said.

HomeKit will also be available on Windows and Android devices on June 15.

Apple has been pushing for HomeKit to be on iPhones and iPads and will soon begin selling HomeKit accessories.

Apple also announced it would soon add its Apple Watch app to iOS and OS X, as well as expand its app store.

Apple is also launching a new website and iOS and Mac app called Apple Watch for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple Watch is not yet available on Android devices.

Apple’s HomeKit app will include a number of functions that can be accessed from the Home app.

Home will also include a widget that lets you know when a notification comes in, and it will be possible to adjust the temperature of your room.

HomeKit, which will be launched on iOS devices, will be a central hub for Apple’s Home ecosystem, according to a release from Apple.

Apple will offer a wide range of home control tools including thermostat, lighting control, motion detection, thermostats, blinds, door locks and more.

Home will also have a HomeKit hub for developers to create apps that can connect HomeKit features to iOS apps.

The app store will include more than 20,000 apps that will include HomeKit, the release said.

Apple has already launched its first Home app on iOS, called Apple TV, and Apple has announced it is expanding the iPhone and Apple TV app stores to include more devices.

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