Celebrate the season with some quirky nail designs

By: Emily Siegel, ESPN Staff WriterA few days ago, we published an article about the incredible fashion innovation that is the simple nail design.

The article featured a woman from New Zealand that is known for her unique design style and the inspiration behind it.

You may have seen her work on Instagram or Pinterest.

The woman’s creations are always fresh and unique, and always a hit with her fans.

This time, she decided to do something a little more unique with her design.

She decided to go to an artist for help with her nail designs.

We are very thankful to Emily Senguet of Craft and Creative, who came to the rescue and made our woman’s designs for us.

Emily’s nail designs are not just for you to get your nails done, but they are also unique and fun for everyone to see.

They are a great way to show off your style and help make a statement.

Here are some of Emily’s stunning designs.1.

This simple design is an homage to an old Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast.

You can see her work here.2.

This is a very simple, simple design that is just a homage to Disney’s Beauty and The Beast.3.

This classic design is a great little nod to the movie.

It has a pretty simple design, but the detail is spot on.4.

This one is perfect for a girl with a little bit of a geeky streak.

It is a cute nod to Disney Princesses and Disney characters.5.

This design is perfect if you want to be more serious and have a bit of an eye for detail.

This isn’t a pretty nail design, though.

This might be more a fashion statement.6.

This dress design is pretty simple, but it’s a perfect way to add a bit more style to your nails.7.

This look is a little off-beat, but you could definitely tell it was done by Emily.

This nail design is for the modern man who wants to stand out in the crowd.8.

This girl’s nail design has some subtle touches to it.

If you are a fan of Disney princesses and want to dress up, this is your go-to.9.

This cute little look is perfect to show your girl that you like Disney princessy, but also to show her that you are not afraid to dress her up.10.

This easy design is just an homage of some of the Disney movies.

It’s also an homage, but in a cute way.11.

This elegant design is very playful and simple, and it shows off your cute side.

It could be your way of expressing your love for princesses.12.

This beautiful look is just so much fun.

It will show off the love you have for the princesses!13.

This fun design will be a hit on your next date night.

This cool, cute, and fun design is going to be a great gift for your girlfriend.14.

This adorable look is so cute.

It’ll look so good on your date night!15.

This gorgeous look will be perfect for your date, as it’s fun to show it off.

This polish is going up in style!16.

This colorful design is the perfect look for your next party!17.

This lovely design is all about showing off your fashion sense!18.

This bold, beautiful look can be a little playful for a night out!19.

This casual look will make you look fabulous!20.

This super cute design will look great on a date night or just as a cute gift!21.

This looks so cute on the day of your big date!22.

This classy look will look really cute on your birthday!23.

This floral design is such a hit for the big day!24.

This sparkly nail design will turn any birthday party into a little party!25.

This stunning look is going viral on social media.

It looks really good on the table!26.

This pretty, simple and cute design is inspired by a classic movie.

You will know it’s from a movie when the movie is mentioned in the title!27.

This awesome simple design will make anyone happy!28.

This really simple, cute design with a twist is going down well with your girlfriend!29.

This retro look is cute for any Halloween party!30.

This sexy nail design for any party!31.

This romantic look is definitely for a date!32.

This timeless style is a must-have for your wedding!33.

This playful, cute and fun look will wow the bride and groom!34.

This unique design is one of our favorites to wear for our wedding.

You won’t regret it!35.

This stylish design is definitely a favorite of our bride’s!

She loves it!36.

This quirky design is great for your Halloween party or as a birthday gift!37.

This clever design is really unique for Halloween!38.

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